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6 Ways to Cultivate Optimism Every Day

You might be surprised to hear that optimism is not an innate quality. Optimism and pessimism are ways of looking at yourself and the world through a positive or negative filter.  Once you think of them as reflections of your mindset, it becomes much easier to believe you can change. Like any new behavior, you need to practice every day for it to become a habit. Try these six suggestions to cultivate your optimism every day.

Keep a Journal

I know, I know, you hear this all of the time and the reason you do is that it a proven fact.  Journaling can create positive vibes ~ especially when gratefulness journals.  Journaling or keeping a diary allows you to process events and to get a different perspective on them. It encourages self-reflection and captures insights into your thinking and behavior. You can write down what happened during the day and document, not just facts but what actions you took, what you did to make it happen, and all of the things you did...

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